Friday, April 10, 2009

YIP.::.Day 6.::.Breakfast


Medha made breakfast today and then wanted a picture of her waffles, all stacked, with a dab of butter and as she poured syrup over them. "Just like in the magazines, Mumma!" she said.

This isn't just like in the magazines but it will do. Cos she's happy.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

YIP.::.Day 5.::.Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse

Once a church, now a home.
Built in 1904
Downtown Louisville

you must see it like this

(Thanks for the texture)

YIP.::.Day 4.::.Boulder Public Library

Boulder Public Library

...was not part of the to-do list today. The Louisville library was. She needed to have borrowed "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" two weeks ago and have been done reading it by now. She needs it for a school related extra-curric activity. When she looked up its availability at Lousiville, she read it wrong. All copies were checked out and only the sequel was available. A downloadable electronic audio copy is available so while I was figuring out whether I needed a key to be able to do that, her Dad got busy and confirmed that Boulder had the book and that we had an hour to get there as the library closed at 6.

20 mins in the opposite direction to Boulder, 1 photo, 25 mins back to Broomfield, one happy and relieved child. When will she learn to keep track of her own assignments?

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