Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Unfair, or is it?

It's so unfair. Shilpa goes on a walk and finds wild phlox or she steps out of her home and comes across these gorgeous oxalis. She shines her windows and she spies these cuties.

Me? I go for a walk and all I find are bare trees, dandelions and a purple weed.

I was lamenting on just how unfair it all was when I came across these white blossoms on a shrub
They are really really teeny. Each blossom must be under 1/2 inch. You can see the damage from the recent ice and snow.

Right next to this shrub was this budding tree:

Then a robin deigned to sit on the white fence of a horse ranch for a bit:

As if on cue, a white hawk circled over me and then perched on a tree:

So, feeling a little better, I wend my way to the car...

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